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Name:Test lawyer 01

Location: Madurai

Languages: Tamil, English

Experience: 5+ years

Practice areas: Arbitration, Cheque Bounce, Child Custody, Court Marriage, Criminal, Divorce, Documentation, Domestic Violence, Family, High Court, Muslim Law, Property, Recovery


File for Divorce, Reply / Send Legal Notice for Divorce, Contest / Appeal in Divorce Case, Dowry Demand / Domestic Violence / Abuse, Alimony / Maintenance Issue, Child Custody Issue, Extramarital Affair / Cheating, Muslim Marriage Issues, Marital Finance / Property Issues, Family / In-law Problems, Property Documentation / Verification, Family Property Dispute, Transfer of Ancestral Property, Illegal Possession, Illegal Construction, Gifting of Property, Municipal Corporation Issues, Divorce / Matrimonial Issue, Succession of Property / Assets, Legal Heir Certificate, Property Dispute / Partition, Family Dispute, Gift of Assets, Adoption / Surrogacy, Loaned Money Recovery, Bank issues, Reply / Send Legal Notice in Financial Case, Refund Related Issue, Matrimonial / Divorce Related, Property Issue, Cheque Bounce, Builder Delay / Fraud, Family Dispute , File Mutual Consent Divorce, Muslim Marriage Issues, NRI Property Issue, Transfer Petition, NRI Divorce